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EU Nationals Want to Preserve Christian Culture—Poll

A recent survey found that the majority of British and EU nationals want to preserve Europe's Christian roots.

“Science does not contradict Christianity” Says NASA Astronaut

A former NASA astronaut believes that the study of science and nature is in accordance to with what's written in the Bible.

Podcasting Priest Sees Hope in the Future of Christianity in America

Fr. Mike Schmitz believes that reports of Christianity is in a decline in America could be "good news" for the church.

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The mission of One Christian Voice is to bring the community together, sharing news, information, and inspiration from the various communities represented and from around the nation and the world.

Sharing stories from within each community sets the tone of the magazine: a feel-good, sort of “Our Town” representation of each division’s geographical location. If Norman Rockwell painted it, Hallmark presented the movie, and Thortan Wilder wrote the play, we would have the essence of our goal well depicted. These are the stories that bring us together as opposed to dividing us.

Content we publish

  • Stories about people living out their faith
  • News about anything happening that relates to the Christian community
  • News stories with a Christian perspective on current events
  • Magazine type articles that are informative, enlightening, or entertaining
  • Events
  • Our Doctrine

    We believe that Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who gave His life on the cross for all who receive Him, is the only way to salvation. As far as doctrinal content, we write from what we have in common and avoid referring to denominational differences. We trust that the blood of Christ will cover whatever errancy we have in regard to the non-essential details of our faith.

Our Approach

One Christian Voice, Inc. is a news forum that delivers information through the lens of Christ's love and precepts. We do have a slant, and the slant is that God's ways that do not change over time. We honor Him in all things, not forsaking His unchanging ways, but overlaying them with the lens of Christ's love.



We share what's going on in each Christian community with all of the divisions of One Christian Voice. The collection of our local news articles makes up the National News section of One Christian voice.

Events & information

If you have an event to share or community information that would be of interest to others, we would love to share that. Please contact a division in your area for publishing.


If you are an expert in your field and would like to share your expertise or creative ideas with the community, we would love to pass that knowledge along.


Are you a pastor, priest, or Bible scholar? We would love to share your insights and inspiration with the community.

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